How to Sew a Cutlery Wrap
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How to Sew a Cutlery Wrap

Difficulty Intermediate
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Discover how to sew a versatile cutlery roll with this step-by-step project guide. Perfect for intermediate level sewers, this project helps you transform your favourite fabric designs into a particularly pretty and practical storage solution.

With two rows of storage, you’ll be able to adapt the cutlery wrap to fit however much you want to store inside it. You can use it for a variety of other things too, such as make-up brushes, crochet hooks, paintbrushes and pens.

Project and instructions by Paula Milner, The Crafty Lass.

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

* Fabric or fat quarters of choice

Step 1

Start by measuring your cutlery to get a guide of how big your cutlery roll needs to be.

Measure out your fabrics and wadding. You could make these effectively any size you would like for more or less cutlery storage. However, for this example, you will need:


Fabric (4 pieces):

* 1 piece 28cm x 28cm for the main outside (I have used a fabric print design with green roses).

* 1 piece 28cm x 28cm for the main inside (I have used a plain contrasting grey fabric).

* 1 piece 17cm x 28cm and 1 piece 22cm x 28cm for the inside cutlery holding parts (I have used a fabric print design with anemones). Press your fabrics if required.



* 2 pieces 28cm x 28cm.

Step 2

Take one of the inside cutlery-holding smaller pieces of fabric and fold over by a 1cm seam allowance. Using a straight running stitch, sew to secure this edge into place. Repeat with the other inside cutlery holding piece.

Step 3

Take one piece of wadding and lay your main inside piece of fabric on to this. On top of this, line up the inner cutlery pieces with the edges at the bottom and pin into position.

We’ll be sewing this one piece of wadding and all of these pieces of fabric together, in straight down from the top of these two cutlery holder pieces, to the bottom of the cutlery roll every 7cm (so, 3 times in this example). Measure, and pin to mark where these will be.

Step 4

Now sew from the top of these two cutlery holder pieces, to the bottom of the cutlery roll every 7cm as pinned/marked.

Top tip: Use the edges of the fabric as a guide for a straight line.

Step 5

Cut your ribbon long enough to be over twice the width of your roll. In this example I have cut the ribbon to be 66cm long. This allows a little extra and some seam allowance. Fold in half.

Step 6

Take your now sewn inside part and lay this down right sides up. On to this, in the middle, place your folded ribbon at the right-hand side edge. Now on top of this place and line up your outside piece of fabric right sides down. Finally, lay down and line up the other piece of wadding. We will now be sewing all of these together into position, so pin into position if desired. 

Step 7

Starting from the bottom of the cutlery roll, and using a 0.5cm seam allowance, sew all the way around the edge leaving a gap for turning out. Secure your threads.

Trim your edges slightly to neaten and to remove any excess edges, snip the corners to help with turning out.

Turn out through your gap and press if required.

Step 8

Starting from the top of your cutlery holding part, sew in a straight-line stitch (although you could use decorative if preferred!) sew down to the bottom, pivot, sew along the bottom (to secure the gap closed) and back up to the top of the cutlery holding part. Secure your threads.

Step 9

Add your cutlery inside and then your cutlery roll is now complete! You can also use your cutlery wrap to store crochet hooks!

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