How to Make a Bat Treat Bag
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How to Make a Bat Treat Bag

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Make sure your little one has a treat bag fit for all the treats they’ll be getting with this bat treat bag.

The template below provides you with all of the measurements you’ll need to make your very own bat treat bag, or if you would like, you could use it as a starting point to make your own Halloween treat bag creation . . . let’s get making!

You will need

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How to make


Cut the template for the treat bag out of black card using the diagram below.


Score along the dotted lines and fold.


Using strong double sided tape on the edges construct the box, using the image as a guide.


Cut bat wings and ears from the black card making sure to include a one centimetre tab on each so that they can be secured to the bag.


Cut two triangles for the teeth out of white card and two smaller ears out of pink card to form the inside of the bat’s ear and secure with a little double sided tape.


Attach googly eyes to the front flap of the bag.


Approximately two centimetres down both sides of the bag make a small hole using the sharp lead of a pencil (make sure to keep fingers out of the way here), thread the twine through the holes and knot at both ends to secure in place to make a handle.

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