How to Make a Woven Wall Hanging for Beginners
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How to Make a Woven Wall Hanging for Beginners

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1/2 day +

For weaving beginners who are new to working with a loom, this woven wall hanging project is ideal! Create woven wall art with a step-by-step guide by @emilysweaving. It’s certain to brighten up any room, or it might make for the perfect gift.

Each weaving technique can be found in our How to Weave - A Beginners' Guide


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How to make

Step 1 

Warp the loom to your desired width

Step 2 

Work approx. 1cm in tabby weave using Baby Brilliance in Teal. 

Step 3 

Using 6 strings for each Rya knot, work a row of Rya knots along the row. 

Step 4

Begin using Baby Brilliance in Teal again and work a few more rows of tabby weave. 

Step 5 

Using Wi Soft and Cuddly create a triangle shape. 

Step 6 

Using Knitcraft Hug It Out add a Soumak braid up the triangle

Step 7 

Using WI Soft and Cuddly weave a triangle on the other side of the Soumak braid. Continue this triangle up to the top

Step 8 

Finally add another row of tabby weave.

Sew in all ends. 

Step 9 

Remove the weave from the loom and finish off. 

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