How to Make Zoo Rolls
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How to Make Zoo Rolls

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

Get crafty with the kids and turn empty loo and kitchen rolls, juice cartons and cereal boxes into an amazing colourful play zoo in just a few hours.


Tutorial by Suzie Attaway

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

First make the Elephant House- take the cereal box and draw an arch in the middle using a ruler and pencil. Cut out with scissors.

Step 2

Next, paint the outside of the cereal box with blue paint, and leave to dry.

Step 3

Using a white Posca paint pen, decorate the box with brickwork, trees and leaves and write the words ‘Elephant House’ around the top of the arch.

Step 4

Next, make the Giraffe House – first, draw and cut out an arch on one side of the empty juice carton. Use the discarded piece to draw and cut out a scallop-edged ‘canopy’ and stick to the carton.

Step 5

Paint the juice carton green, and leave to dry. Then decorate with a white Posca pen as before.

Step 6

Now, make the animals – cut out pieces of coloured tissue paper measuring 15 x 30cm. Then wrap and glue the tissue paper around the empty loo rolls, tucking the excess tissue paper inside the open ends.

Step 7

For the penguin, first cut out a ‘fringe’ of yellow paper and stick around the top of the black tissue paper-covered loo roll. Then draw and cut out a white tummy piece, black wings, white eyes and a yellow beak. Glue in place, then draw some a black dot in the middle of each eye.

Step 8

To make a tiger, first cut out some round orange tissue paper ears and some white paper eyes and stick them to the orange tissue paper-covered loo roll. Then draw some stripes, eyes, nose, whisters and mouth with a black pen.

Step 9

Use the coloured paper, tissue paper and black pen to turn more empty loo rolls into a lion, elephant and zebra.

Step 10

Make a tall giraffe with an empty kitchen roll – first cut it down to 15cm in length, and then cover in yellow tissue paper. Press down the top to form 2 ears, then cut and stick an orange paper fringe in place. Decorate the surface with orange tissue paper shapes, then add 2 white eyes and a large yellow nose to finish.

Step 11

Last but not least, make the snake – draw and cut an empty loo roll into a spiral, then paint the inside and outside in dark green and leave to dry. Finally cut and stick a red tongue and white eye in place.


Your finished zoo!

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