How to Make Halloween Milk Bottle Lanterns
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How to Make Halloween Milk Bottle Lanterns

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

These milk bottle lanterns are a fantastic way to decorate your home in time for Halloween! Made with empty plastic milk bottles, they’re quick to make, super thrifty and will make the outside of your home all the more inviting for any little monsters who may like to pay a visit!

Using a few basic crafting supplies, this quick and easy guide will show you three different spooky Halloween designs that are fun to make and enjoy with your little ones!

Project and instructions by Georgia Coote.

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:

* Milk Bottles

* Rice

* A craft knife

Ghost lantern

Step 1

Wash out the milk bottle thoroughly and dry. Peel off the milk label from the milk bottle, and then draw on a spooky face. Colour in the lid using the permanent pen.

Step 2

Pour in some rice (or any other dried grains) into the base of the milk bottle to weigh it down so that it doesn’t topple over outside.

Snap the glow stick according to the packet instructions and then pop it into the milk bottle and screw on the lid to finish.

Pumpkin lantern

Step 1

Carefully cut off the bottom third of the milk bottle using a scalpel or scissors.

Top tip: If you want to make it super neat, then you could measure around the milk bottle and then follow marked points to ensure the cuts are straight.

Step 2

Paint the milk bottle with the orange paint. Once the orange paint is dry, paint on the face using black paint.

Fill the base with rice to weigh it down. Place in the fairy lights, switch them on and then place over the top.

Frankenstein lantern

As with the pumpkin bottles, carefully cut the bottom third off the bottle. Paint the bottle green and leave to dry.

Fill the base with rice and then place in an LED tea light (remember to turn it on if you’re ready to use it).

Draw Frankenstein’s face on the upper part of the bottle and then place over the base.

Your collection of spooky milk bottles are now ready to be displayed! Experiment with different coloured glow sticks and fairy lights to create exciting results!

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