How to Make a Halloween Eye Mask
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How to Make a Halloween Eye Mask

Difficulty Beginner
Time 1 hr +

Make a simple costume for Halloween this year by accessorising with an easy Halloween eye mask – just grab some felt and black paint! If you don’t have any spider tulle, you could use any other sheer black fabric, more felt or just skip this element.

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How to make


Start by painting your mask base with black glitter paint, you may need a few coats. Leave to dry.


Next, you need to make the bow. Take the piece of felt and cut a square shape, approximately 15cm by 15cm. Using scissors, cut in wave shapes along two opposite sides.


Cut a small strip of felt for the middle of the bow, approximately 1.5cm wide.


Assemble the felt bow by scrunching your large square of felt in the middle, in a sort of concertina effect. Hold in place while you wrap the small strip of felt around the centre, and glue gun where it joins, holding in place until it dries. Trim off any excess overhang.


Place your felt bow on the tulle, and cut a larger rectangle, using the bow as a rough size guide.


Pinch the tulle into the felt bow, as you did in step 4, and hold in place. Using a needle and thread, stitch in place on top and bottom to keep the shape.


Use the glue gun to stick your large double bow onto the front of the mache mask and leave to dry.

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