How to Make Fabric Gift Wrap
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How to Make Fabric Gift Wrap

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

You can give old linens a new lease of life with natural dyeing and fabric printing, 

Becki Clark has reused her old linen to create this beautiful fabric gift wrap using only avocado, a carrot and some fabric paint. Then to wrap her presents she has used the Japanese technique of furoshiki which you can learn how to do below.

You will need

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How to make


You will also need:

- Natural fabric, Like Linen if you want to naturally dye it 

- Avocado stones and skins 

- A Carrot

Natural dye 

Step 1

It's really easy to create natural dyes from avocado skins and pits, make sure they are clean and that you've removed all of the flesh before getting started 

Avocado skins

Step 2

Pop your avocado skins and pits into a saucepan with 2 litres of water.

Heat the water and simmer for an hour to create your dye. Then pop your dye into a bowl  

Avocado in saucepan

Step 3

Add your fabric to the dye and leave until you have reached your desired colour.

It's really fun to experiment with different times and depths of colours but if you want a blush colour you won't have to leave the material too long before you see it changing.


Fabric in dye

Step 4

Once you have reached your desired colour. Take the fabric out and leave to dry.

Fabric paint

Step 1

Now if you want to print a fun polka dot pattern onto the fabric grab a carrot and some fabric paint.

Fabric printing equipment

Step 2

Using a knife cut the end off the carrot so you have a nice flat edge to print with. Dip it into your paint so it is covered.

Carrot with fabric paint on

Step 2

Begin printing across the fabric creating a polka dot pattern. Once you're happy with your design leave to dry and then you're ready to get wrapping.

Using carrot to print onto fabric

How to wrap your presents.

Step 1

Firstly place your item in the middle of the fabric 

Wrapping gift

Step 2

Take alternative diagonal corners and tie in the middle before taking the other two corners and tying in a knot.

Wrapping gift

Step 3

If you're not able to tie a knot it probably means your fabric is a bit too small. You should be able to tie a knot easily on the top of the gift.

Gift wrapped up in fabric

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