How to Make a Mum You Rock Box Frame
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How to Make a Mum You Rock Box Frame

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

This is a lovely personalised piece of art that you can make as a mother’s day gift. Find rocks for just you and your mum, or your entire family if you like (you might need a bigger frame!).

You will need

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How to make

Step 1

Find a selection of pebbles - get more than you need to allow for error. Try to go for ones with nice smooth surfaces, that will fit inside your frame if possible (if not, you can always remove the glass).

Selection of pebbles

Step 2

Use a sharpie or permanent pen to mark on the features of your characters onto the pebbles.

Drawing features onto pebble with a Sharpie

Step 3

Carefully paint the pebbles to fill in the lines. You may need a couple of coats for even coverage. Leave to dry, then go over any lines that need it once more with the black pen.

Painted pebbles

Step 4

Cut the scrapbooking card to the size of the frame backing and attach it with a glue stick.

Trimming card to fit frame

Step 5

Arrange the pebbles in the centre and glue in place. Glue your message onto the card using the letter tiles. Reassemble the frame to finish

Adding pebbles and letter tiles to card

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