8 Gift Wrapping Trends to Try
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8 Gift Wrapping Trends to Try

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There are two kinds of gift-wrappers in this world: those that enjoy gift wrapping as a precise and meditative process, and those that throw something together at the last minute! We are all guilty of the latter, but taking time to consider the presentation of our gifts allows us to show our loved ones that they are worth pouring over the details for. Below we have rounded up 8 gift wrapping trends that will be effective and memorable this Christmas.

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Gift Wrap Trends

1. Foliage

Add some earthy textures as decoration to the classic minimal Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper and Jute Twine combo in order to create and elegant and sophisticated looking gift wrap. Check out our post 2 Ways to Make Die Cut Wreath Gift Wrap on the Hobbycraft Ideas Hub for tutorials on how to achieve the above paper wreath designs.

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2. Marble

Take a look at this Creative Gift Wrapping tutorial by Teri at The Lovely Drawer, who shows you how easy it is to download and print your own marble wrapping paper. Add Pebeo Deco Gold Brown and Red Gilding Flakes to elevate the appearance further. The result is truly mesmerising!

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3. Washi Tape

Add a personal touch to your gift wrap by using versatile tape packs, such as this Green Glitter Washi Tape Pack to create bold, decorative patterns on plain wrapping paper. Follow our How to Make Washi Tape Gift Wrap tutorial on the Hobbycraft blog for some tips and tricks on how to achieve various patterns and designs. 

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4. Fabric Wraps

Go Eco this Christmas with reusable fabric gift wrapping. Inspired by traditional Japanese wrapping cloths known as ‘Furoshiki’, you can use our Natural Fat Quarters to pass the gift of conscious consumption on to someone else! Head over to Glitter Guide, where Carrie has provided some Fresh Tips for Nature-Inspired Gift Wrapping  that will give you some great ideas of how to incorporate decoration into these fabric wraps!

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5. Stitched Shapes

We love this innovative idea, which similarly to the above fabric wraps omits the need for plastic tapes. For this you’ll need some Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper, Sewing Thread, and a Sewing Machine ! Follow this DIY Stitched Up Gift Wrap tutorial by Geneva at A Pair & A Spare to learn how simple it is to create these eye-catching gift wraps that are sure to make an impression on Christmas day!

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6. DIY Printed Paper

Create your own circular stamps using our Softcut Lino Printing Stamp Kit ! The results are so effective, and the bright colours chosen above stand out against the Kraft Brown Wrapping Paper. You can even use potatoes to print with, as shown by Linocut Boy in his Potato Print Wrapping Paper tutorial.

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7. Bright Colours

These vivid presents will certainly stand out amongst the rest underneath the Christmas tree. Use Red Acrylic Paint, and these Ready Mix Pastel Paints over pastel papers in order to create bubbly and vibrant wrapping. Follow this Leather Wrap tutorial by Paper & Stitch that will show you how to make the personalised leather wraps that can be seen in the image above!


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8. Novelty

Provide even more cheer during your Christmas morning by adding thoughtful twists to your gift wrapping.  Follow our How to Make Novelty Car Gift Wrap on the Hobbycraft blog to see how easy it is to achieve the above!


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