How to Make Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Baubles
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How to Make Scandinavian Inspired Christmas Baubles

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1+ Days

Create your own beautifully painted festive baubles to brighten up your Christmas tree! The bauble designs feature Scandi-inspired templates designed by Hobbycraft Artisan and illustrator Emma Hunt.

Using acrylic paints and easy-to-use Posca paint pens to decorate, you can transform our blank ceramic baubles into a set of festive decorations. Use the template to create Nordic patterns with a focus on natural elements like birds, hearts, flowers and greenery, as well as classic colours such as blue, red, green and white.

Project and Instructions by Emma Hunt (Emma Lucy Illustration).

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How to make

Step 1

Paint your ceramic baubles in your chosen base colours, you can keep them all the same or alternate the colours as I have below. If you choose to keep your base colour white, still apply at least one coat of white paint (this will make your baubles easier to draw on to later).

Step 2

Using the template provided, you can either draw directly from it using a pencil. Alternatively, use tracing paper to trace over a printed copy of the template. Then flip your tracing paper and draw over it again to transfer the first drawing on to your bauble. (Tip: If possible, try to use a pencil in the same colour as your chosen paint pen.)

Step 3

Once you have your basic designs sketched in pencil on to your baubles. Take your posca pens and go over the pencil lines in thick lines of colour. Add extra dot work if desired, to fill out any leftover white space. This will tie each individual design together and help it to flow as a continuous pattern around your bauble. (Tip: Tying the string back on to your baubles at this point will give you something to hold on to whilst decorating.)

Step 4

Repeat this process for each bauble, you can alternate the colours if you wish or keep to a simpler colour palette. To avoid smudging, decorate a small part of each bauble at a time to allow each section of paint on the bauble to dry. 

Step 5

Once you have finished decorating all six baubles, give them a good amount of time to dry before applying a sealer if desired. When choosing your sealer, note that a spray may work best to avoid smudging and to create a smooth and even finish.

Your Scandi inspired Christmas Baubles are now ready to hang on your tree or wherever you can show them the most!

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