How to Make Recycled Plant Pots
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How to Make Recycled Plant Pots

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

It's easy to create these simple, upcycled plant pots using plastic drinks bottles and a lick of white paint. Decorate using abstract painterly marks for a modern twist, and fill with your favourite plants.


Project by Becki Clark

You will need

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How to make

You will also need:


Plastic Bottle / Tin can

Craft Knife (available in store at Hobbycraft)

Step 1.

Clean out your bottles/tins and dry. If you want to cut down your bottles you can use your knife to carefully cut off the top spout section of the bottle so you have a nicely shaped pot. Do not cut into tin cans. Paint in a base colour, I have used white and you’ll need to leave these to dry for a couple of hours before working over them with colour.

Step 2.

For the first pot I am just going to create a simple brush stroke pattern, using the bottom of the pot as a guide of where to start with my brush (on the indents) I slowly working the paint round holding the paint brush flat so that you get the full width of the brush to create a simple abstract shape.

Step 3.

Work this motif around the bottle always drawing from the top or bottom so that you have an easy place to start and work back too.

Step 4.

For my new design I am using a mix of abstract shapes, if you’re unsure about starting use a pencil to mark out where you are going to pop your shapes. The first motif to try is this large leaf shape, start in the middle of the jar and use this as a point to work from repeating the motif around the jar leaving about the same size as the leaf between each repeat.

Step 5.

Using another colour you can add brush strokes in-between the leaf motif just pushing down the brush and pulling it across to create a curved stroke line.

Step 6.

Next add triangle shapes in another colour in any space you have left and finish with some dots working over and in-between your motifs, you can use a sharpie for these if easier just make sure the paint is dry. Leave your pots to dry overnight before adding your house plants!

The finished plant pots!

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