How to Make FIMO Hair Clips
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How to Make FIMO Hair Clips

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time 1hour

Upcycle old hair clips into these statement, on-trend hair clips in just a few simple steps. FIMO is a versatile material, allowing you to mold into any shape you can imagine! Once baked, FIMO is very durable.


Tutorial by Becki Clark

You will need

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How to make

You will also need a craft knife, available in store at Hobbycraft.

Step 1.

Cut off a rectangle from your block of Fimo, I have cut mine about 1cm thick and then roll it out to the thickness you’d like your clips to be. You don’t want the clip to be too chunky or heavy so stick to under 1cm thickness.

Step 2.

Make sure the length of your fimo you have rolled out is longer than your old hair clip.

Step 3.

You can then begin cutting different shapes depending how confident you are cutting you could try just simple rectangles or try something more like the shape above with some curve to it.

Step 4.

You could also roll the clay into a long sausage shape and twist to create a more texture if you wanted to try something less 2D.

Step 5.

Pop in a oven proof dish and in to the pre heated (110 degrees) oven for 30 minutes. I have curved the twisted clay slightly so that it hardens in this shape and will be easier to glue.

Step 6.

Let your fimo cool and then add super glue to your hair clips.

Step 7.

Once your clay is attached and secure (let the glue set for a couple of minutes) you can begin decorating. Using your posca pens create patterns across the clay, Some super easy ideas are a gingham print made up of just vertical and horizontal crossing lines, stripes & spots! I would continue the pattern around the clips on the sides to give it a tidy finish.

The finished hair clips!

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