How to Make an Easter Scene Jar
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How to Make an Easter Scene Jar

Difficulty Beginner
Time 1/2 day +

An easy Easter scene jar is a simple for kids to make, and brightens up an Easter table or window ledge. You can use all kinds of components within the jars to make them vibrant, Springy and fun, such as shredded tissue paper pipe cleaners , and flower toppers !

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How to make


Rabbit Jar: Cut the ribbons off the rabbit decorations and glue flowers onto the rabbits either as a necklace, bow tie or hair piece.


Fill the jar half full with green shredded paper. Squash it down to form a nice flat bed.


Glue felt carrots and plastic flowers around the inside of the jar.


Pop the rabbits into the jar so they are nose to nose and screw the lids on.


Chick Jar: Go outside on a pebble and twig hunt. You need enough stones to fill the bottom quarter of a jar and a thick twig that will fit inside the jar diagonally. Place the pebbles in the jar and put moss on top. Squash the moss down so it’s nice and compact.


To make the nest, take a ball of clay and use your thumb to squash the centre down. Roll clay into thin sausages and coil around the side of the nest. Use your finger to smooth any joins. Leave overnight to harden and paint brown.


Glue the nest onto the twig and glue one or two little chicks inside. Slide the twig into the jar and wedge it at an angle so it doesn’t fall over.


Place the larger chick and another smaller chick into the jar on the moss and sprinkle a few small paper flowers in too. Screw the lid back on.


There’s no end to the ways in which you can fill your Easter Scene Jars. Have a look at the two examples below as inspiration! Hang fillable eggs from the lid, or flip the jar on it’s head and use pipe cleaners as springs for the chicks and eggs.


What components would you use in your Easter jar scene? Let us know in the comments!

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