How to Make a Family of Clay Bear Planters
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How to Make a Family of Clay Bear Planters

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1 hr +

These cute mini bear planters are the perfect Father’s Day gift, and are really easy to make with air dry clay and paint. Make one for each member of your family and personalise them however you like. These planters have been filled with artificial plants, but you could also use real ones if you line the pots in cling film first to protect the clay.

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How to make

Step 1 

Place the clay onto some cling film and roll out to a thickness of about 5mm. Place the largest bear template onto the clay, draw around it and then flip the template over to cut the other side. Then remove the excess clay.

Step 2 

Use the other two templates to make a mummy bear and a baby bear following the steps above.

Step 3 

Set the bear pieces aside and re-roll the clay to cut out the three base circles. Remove the excess clay.

Step 4 

Use a knife to score all along the bottom of one of the bear pieces. Then wet the scored section with water. Score all the way around the corresponding base piece in the same way.

Step 5

Lift up the bear piece and wrap it around the base piece, pushing the scored surfaces together to seal. Place a plastic bag into the pot to help it maintain it’s shape and then leave to dry overnight. Repeat for the remaining pots.

Step 6

When the pots are dry, use fine sandpaper to sand them so they are smooth.

Step 7

Use a pencil to mark on the facial features and paint your pots. Paint the daddy bear’s face brown. We have painted the daddy pot brown then added white to make the other two gradually lighter. Paint their snouts beige and add a black nose and black eyes.

Step 8

Once the paint has dried, add a coat of gloss mod podge to add durability and shine.

Helpful Docs & Software

Bear Pot Template


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