14 Halloween Home Décor Ideas
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14 Halloween Home Décor Ideas

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Set the scene for spooky celebrations with these haunting Halloween home decor ideas!

Discover fourteen fantastic seasonal Halloween craft projects, and delve into our frighteningly good Halloween craft range to see what other treasures you can uncover.

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14 Halloween Home Décor Ideas

How to Decoupage a Pumpkin

If you’ve not got time to carve a real pumpkin this Halloween, why not get the whole family involved with decoupaging a mache one instead?

Decoupaging is super-easy to do and you can let you imagination run riot with how you want to personalise your pumpkin. 

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How to Create a Sophisticated Halloween Tablescape

Get into the spirit of Halloween with fun and easy table-styling inspiration. With this step-by-step guide, you'll be able to add some magic to your autumnal table.

Why not get creative with our ceramic pumpkins? They come in different sizes and are so easy to paint and write on! Style them with some mini personalised bottles to finish the tablescape.

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How to Make Pebble Spiders

These adorable pebble spiders are easy to make! They are perfect for keeping the little ones busy and won't cost you much to make.

Its time utilize that collection of pebbles from the beach, or if you haven't got pebbles, mache balls or cardboard toilet tubes will work great too!

Let’s get creating some spooky pebble spiders for Halloween!

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How to Make a Spooky Ghost Tree

Let's make the house as spooky as we can for Halloween, with this step-by-step tutorial on making your very own spooky ghosts to hang on a mini tree. 

With only a few essential components (which you might already have around the house) let's make some foulish ghosts, which you can hang from anywhere. You can either hang them from a mini tree, or you can even hang them from the windows and cupboards for an unexpected fright!

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3 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Pumpkins with POSCA Pens

Complete your hand-crafted Halloween display with these three cute ceramic pumpkin designs. Using POSCA pens, it’s never been easier to get ready for trick-or-treaters!

Our ceramic pumpkins are a great alternative to using regular pumpkins and give you the freedom to have your Halloween creations on display for longer.

Easy to store away, these ceramic pumpkins can be brought back out and cherished year after year.

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Cricut: How to Make a Paper Halloween Garland

If you’re looking to add something fun and colourful to your Halloween décor, then this paper Halloween garland project is just for you!

With the help of your Cricut machine, you’ll be able to create this stunning 3D paper garland and transform your fireplace or stairs into a spooky spectacle!

Ideal for intermediate Cricut users, this Halloween paper garland can be easily stored away and brought back out and enjoyed year after year.

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Cricut: How to Make a Halloween Cocktail Menu

Complete your Halloween party display with this easy-to-make Halloween party cocktail menu. Using your Cricut machine, this party menu is ideal for helping your guests choose their cocktails as they admire your excellent craft skills!

Perfect for beginners, this party menu will sit perfectly amongst your collection of Cricut creations – and it will certainly make an impact!

Customise your menu by including all of your friends’ favourite cocktails or other drinks.

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How to Crochet a Collection of Pumpkins

Create a cosy autumn scene in your home with your very own collection of crochet pumpkins. Play around with colours and yarn weights to create a unique look for your pumpkin patch.

With our free pattern, learn how to make a plain pumpkin, a bobble pumpkin and a houndstooth pumpkin – designs you can match to suit your preference!

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Cricut: How to Make Matisse Inspired Pumpkins

Personalise your pumpkins with inspiration from one of our favourite artists! Use your Cricut machine to recreate a colourful pattern in the style of Henri Matisse. Halloween needn’t be limited to one day a year – this quick and fun project is a great way to bring a touch of autumn to your home all season long.

To make these colourful pumpkin decorations, mix and match your vinyl colours, then use the shapes like stickers to build up the Matisse-inspired designs.

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How to Make a Halloween Crochet Cushion

Add a spooky touch to your home this Halloween with a tapestry crochet cushion complete with ghost tassels. This will make a great addition to your home décor this autumn.

Follow the pattern to learn how to bring the ‘Boo’ crochet cushion design to life, just in time for Halloween

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Cricut: How to Create Slogan Pumpkins

Create personalised pumpkins with quirky quotes to suit the spooky season! Say it all with our fun suggestions and come up with your own unique ideas too.

Simple and easy to make, first add a pop of colour in some of this season’s on-trend shades, then finish the look with these sassy slogans that are easily cut using the Cricut Joy.

This project is perfect for beginners and your finished pumpkins are sure to be a talking point with every trick-or-treater!

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How to Crochet a Pumpkin Basket

Hook yourself up this handy basket to add a touch of autumn into your home.

The stylish crochet basket is the perfect seasonal addition to your home. It's perfect for keeping your projects tidy, storing kids’ toys, or perhaps even holding your freshly picked pumpkins!  

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How to Make a Halloween Macrame Wall Hanging

If you’d like to add a modern spin to your Halloween decorations, look no further than a macrame wall hanging.

Modern and quick to make – you can create this skull wall hanging using only the square knot. If you’d like to try your hand at something a little trickier, have a go at our moon wall hanging design!

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How to Make a Grinning Pumpkin Lantern

Set the scene with these grinning pumpkin lanterns, they'd look great positioned in windows or out on the door step ready to great trick-or-treaters.

Why not have a go at making  other Halloween characters? You could try making spooky mummies with old bandages or strips of muslin and some googly eyes.

Remember to never leave a naked flame unattended. Instead why not use battery operated LED Tealights which look just like the real thing.

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