3 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Pumpkins with POSCA Pens
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3 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Pumpkins with POSCA Pens

Difficulty Beginner
Budget £10 - £30
Time 1hour

Complete your hand-crafted Halloween display with these three cute ceramic pumpkin designs. Using POSCA pens, it’s never been easier to get ready for trick-or-treaters!

Our ceramic pumpkins are a great alternative to using regular pumpkins and give you the freedom to have your Halloween creations on display for longer. Easy to store away, these ceramic pumpkins can be brought back out and cherished year after year.

Project and instructions by Becki Clark.

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*FREE downloadable 'boo' calligraphy template

Abstract Pumpkin: Step 1

For the first design, draw on pairs of ovals across the pumpkin – keeping equal distance between your first motifs.

Abstract Pumpkin: Step 2

Using another colour, add dots that work around your leaves – mixing their positions to give the design movement and flow.

Using your next colour, add coloured in circle shapes in the spaces between your leaf motifs. Add a small circle inside of these with a darker colour. Then, add leaves to the circles to create abstract floral motifs. Leave to dry.

Floral Pumpkin: Step 1

Using your first colour, draw 5-6 cm slightly waved edged circles around your pumpkin – leaving equal distance between the motifs and colouring in as you work round.

Taking another colour, add your leaf shapes to each of the floral shapes – working the leaves in different directions from each floral so the design feels more abstract. Mix between leaf sizes when drawing your pair for more interest.

Floral Pumpkin: Step 2

Taking another colour, draw and colour in small circles in the middle of your floral shapes.

Top tip: If you’ve used a light colour for your base, try a darker centre; if you’ve used a darker colour for the base, use a lighter tone for the centres.

Colour in the pumpkin stalk with one of the colours you have been using.

Leave to dry.

Calligraphy Pumpkin: Step 1

Using the FREE downloadable 'boo' calligraphy template, take a posca pen and write ‘Boo’ across the pumpkin.

Top tip: To create the faux calligraphy look, thicken up the left-hand side of each of the letters by colouring in to create a contrast of thick and thin lines.

Calligraphy Pumpkin: Step 2

Now begin to add your motifs. Draw 5-point floral shapes with a light blue and colour in. Take another colour and repeat this motif. Now draw a small circle in the middle of the flowers and colour in using the alternate colour to the base (dark centre on light colours, light centres on dark colours)

Add your leaf shapes, colour in, and repeat across the pumpkin using them to fill any awkward spaces.

Your pumpkins are then ready to be displayed!

3 Ways to Decorate Ceramic Pumpkins with POSCA Pens

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FREE downloadable 'boo' calligraphy template


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