Monday Motivation
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Monday Motivation

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

We all need a little motivation on a Monday and we are here to encourage you to share your ‘Monday Motivation’ pictures using the hashtag #CraftTogether allowing fellow crafters to connect with one another.

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Monday Motivation

Bee Kind

What a positive and inspiring message to launch our first #CraftTogether Monday Motivation!

Thank you to Jade Marsh who shared her watercolour artwork with us in our March Make of the Month Competition.


You are the best

Share with someone who might need a lift, don't forget to #CraftTogether


Dare to Colour Oustide the Lines

Today's #CraftTogether Monday Motivation comes from @pixiecrafthandmade

We challenge you to colour outside the lines by trying a new craft or starting that project you wanted to and going for that crazy colour palette!

Find inspiration in the sea

Today's #CraftTogether Monday Motivation comes from Kim O'Neil, Artist

Kim will be sharing a step by step watercolour design on Friday of this week.
What will your water colour inspiration be?
Flowers, the water, the beach?!

Why not start rummaging through the photos on your phone from last year’s holiday and use that as your inspiration for this week’s watercolour project?

Image courtesy of Kim O’Neil using Winsor and Newton products

Find out more

Good vibes only please - Let's spread some positivity!

Today's #CraftTogether Monday Motivation comes from Moon & Sixpence who has created this lovely fabric flag

Just Start

Today's #CraftTogether Monday Motivation comes from @TheCraftyLass

Need some inspiration to start a new project or revisit a long abandoned passion? Here's a little motivation for you!

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