How to Make a Union Jack Collage
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How to Make a Union Jack Collage

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

A fun and simple way to upcycle old magazines into a bright Union Jack! You could of course do this for any design – just sketch out whatever you want to collage before getting creative with colour and patterns!


Tutorial by Paula Milner from The Crafty Lass

You will need

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How to make

Step 1.

Sketch out your Union Jack on to a larger piece of paper or card using a ruler and a pencil. I used a Google image search for reference – starting with the main ‘England’ cross in the middle before adding in the additional stripes around it. As it is such a recognisable design and ‘collage’ can be quite a ‘fluid’ craft – it doesn’t matter too much if your measurements aren’t perfect.

Step 2.

Go through your magazines and tear out anything in the appropriate colours – red, white and blue. I found gardening and travel magazines worked well for flowers, seas, skies. Fashion magazines too with bright clothing and colourful adverts! Don’t be afraid to use pictures of everyday items within the picture – such as strawberries, lamps, sofas – the colours will all ‘add up’ to a good effect.

Step 3.

Tear or cut your magazine pieces into smaller parts before gluing into position.

Step 4. 

To add texture, layer up ‘different’ patterns and variants of blues (for example) in your different areas. Keep going until you decide it is done and then hang up to display!

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