How to Make a Motivational Print
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How to Make a Motivational Print

Difficulty Beginner
Budget < £10
Time < 1 hour

Download and decorate this motivational brush lettered print by Becki Clark. Do your own thing or follow the step by step below to add some gorgeous florals around the lettering!


Tutorial by Becki Clark

You will need

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How to make

Step 1.

Print your free download and colour in the lettering so you have your brush lettering phrase ready to decorate. If you can’t print onto card you can always pritt stick the paper to a thicker piece of card to make a sturdier print. Using a darkish colour add curved lines coming towards your lettering, these will act as your first foliage branches

Step 2.

Add teardrop shapes up the curved lines and colour in to create a foliage motif. Just try and keep your leaf sizes similar to give a nice consistent look.

Step 3.

Work along each curved line giving them leaves so that your border is beginning to look fuller. Be careful with the paint pens not to smudge them as they take little longer than felt tips to dry.

Step 4.

Next add in a lighter coloured stem with similar curved line, if you don’t have space between your foliage just add them in where there is white space.

Step 5.

Now add elongated tear drop shapes to act as the leaves to the flower stem.

Step 6.

Add a wavy edged oval, colour in and  this will be your flower head. You could use a variety of colours to create a wild meadow feel or stick to a limited colour palette as I have.

Step 7.

Add details to your leaf shapes with a lighter colour, you can just use the tip of the posca to lightly dash over the leaf areas. And with the florals add darker over the top of the leaves to contrast with the the foliage next to them, add a small dark dot in the middle of your floral to create its centre.

The finished print!

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