Must Have Craft Decorations

Here's a useful list of all the basic decorations you'll need to finish your projects off beautifully.

Glitter Glue

Perfect for adding a sparkling touch to paper and craft projects, the glitter glue range features a variety of colours and shapes including confetti and stars! Use the precise applicator lid or paint, stamp or sponge to apply to all your craft inspirations from card making to jewellery creations and even home décor makes!


Buttons are one of a crafters eldest best friend, providing a little uplift for arts and crafts projects whenever needed. They are ideal for papercraft projects and jazzing up any haberdashery makes. Assorted packs will supply you with bucket loads of inspiration for all sewing and sticking tasks!

Tissue Paper

One pack of various colours can equip just about any of your inspirational decoration ideas. The paper sheets can be painted, cut, folded, scrunched and glued to build texture, create 3D embellishments, die cut shapes and so much more.

Crepe Paper

Coloured crepe paper can do everything tissue paper can but offers a slightly thicker medium with a fantastic textured surface. The paper sheets can be transformed into floral decorations, ruffled borders, 3D party decorations and much more with a little creative thought and a pair of crafty hands!


Ideal for a whole host of crafty uses; whether making a collage, mask, or adding decoration to paint.


Sparkling, small and simple, sequin decorations put the finishing touches to your papercraft projects and can also be used to liven up clothing, accessories and home decorations. Simple sew or glue the mini embellishment to unleash an array of glamour!

Acrylic paint

Bring your designs to life in a whole host of fabulously vibrant acrylic paint colours. The water-based paint allows you to both mix and dilute the colours to create a plethora of shades and tones for your work. The paint will brush smoothly and evenly onto canvas, paper, wood and fabric making it ideal for arts and crafts projects, stencilling, ceramics and much more!


Water based markers produce vibrant colours that can be used on a range of surfaces including fabrics, glass, metal, paper, card, wood and stone. Pens are suitable for a variety of applications such as outlining, scrapbooking, filling in colour and producing large scale art and of course jotting down any craft inspiration!


Ribbon ties all crafters ideas and projects together beautifully. Sewing, gluing and folding ribbon offers a multitude of uses for decorative purposes. Ribbon packs and spools will set you up for heaps of imaginative embellishments and trims when working on textile and papercraft projects.

Googly Eyes

Craft is all about having fun. Finish your projects with a funny little twist in the form of googly eyes! A little personality will complete your crafty makes perfectly and possibly achieve a few giggles or two!

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