How to Choose the Right Craft Paint

Get to know all the different types of craft paint we sell and how to use them!

Hobbycraft Ready Mixed Paint

Perfect for crafty afternoons with the kids, the Hobbycraft ready mixed paint range offers a collection of bold colours, coloured glitter and glow in the dark squeezy pots that will unleash their inner little artist! Can be applied with a paint brush or sponge and easy to wipe up after accidental spills!

Artiste Acrylic

Multipurpose, easy to use and efficient, Artiste Paint is perfect for both craft and decoration uses and can be used on a variety of surfaces. The paint is rich in colour and will ensure good coverage for all your inspirational ideas.

DecoArt Crafters Acrylic

The most adventurous all-purpose paint range is Crafters Acrylic. These paints are thick, versatile, highly pigmented and extremely versatile in that it can be mixed with other mediums to create a range of effects!

Finger Paint

Perfect for beating the boredom of rainy weekends or holidays, Finger Paints allow creative kids to experiment with colours and their hands and will wash off skin and clothing easily at the end!

Paint Pens

Paint pens are ideal for adding rich vibrant accents precisely to your arts and crafts projects. The pens are designed to write on any surface for an opaque, permanent decoration.

DecoArt Patio Paint

This durable acrylic paint is permanent and weather-resistant for all outdoor decorating. Add accents to outdoor accessories or sponge on brick or stone patterns for a colourful touch! Can be used on concrete, terra cotta, wood, masonry, stucco, stone, ceramic bisque, cast aluminium and stryfoam for a strong, weather-resistant paint for changing temperatures.

DecoArt Dazzling Metallic

Made from finely ground metal flakes, this acrylic paint provides the best metallic coverage for decorative painting, home décor and general craft painting projects. The paint will leave a professional finish on a variety of surfaces!

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