What are the best decorations to use with Mache?

Using mache shapes and decorations, turn your kids’ crafting hobbies into an exciting decoration bonanza!

Tips for using Glitter and Glue

Spread out those newpapers, pop your mache shape on top and start sprinkling on the shine. When it comes to putting on the glam, kids can apply School PVA glue onto their shapes using hog brushes and sponges. You will normally need about one coat.

From there, simply use one of our Glitter Shakers to spread this easily and evenly across the mache shape.

If you want to add small details, then Glitter Glue is a perfect mixture, with a detailing nozzle to keep your kids’ hands steady at all times. When your kids want bigger and better, then nothing beats the creative and unique Confetti Glitter Glue, filled to the brim with stars and multicolours to make your mache shapes shine.

Mache and Glue Tips

Give your mache animals some fur, ranging from funky purple leopard prints to pretty zebra patterns. Decopatch paper sticks easily to surfaces – simply dab a set of pva using a brush or a sponge onto your mache shapes (remember to rinse out afterwards!)

Decopatch papers are high-quality that are thin and lightweight, but usually colourful with lustrous patterns.

Simply tear your paper into smaller pieces (this will make it easier to stick down!) and gently press them against your mache shape. To make sure there are no bumps, gently brush over the paper afterwards with a bit of PVA glue and your brush. It’s as easy as that!

Which Craft Paint to Use?

If your kids prefer paint to paper, then these paint sets are the perfect way to create vividly-coloured critters with a crafty twist! Simply grab your brush and water and start painting away! These paints are thick in pigment – in just three coats, your little one’s mache animals will be totally outstanding. Let their imaginations shine using paints that are quick-drying, easy to clean and a luxury to use. What’s more, these paint packs can be mixed and matched for a wide range of amazing effects.

Using Crepe and Tissue Paper

Versatile and oh-so-colourful! This crepe paper is the perfect solution for your kids’ adventures into crafting! Shape this paper to use as whimsy wings for mache birds, a fluffy mane or a quirky accessory. With all kinds of lovely colours to choose from, ranging from pastel to primary, your kids can delight in the wonderful and creative ways with crepe paper! Light enough to be cut, torn and glued one, but dense enough to hold shape and stand out on your mache shapes, crepe paper is a fab must-have for your kid’s crafting needs!

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